On the quest for “farm to table” restaurants…


Farm to Table by the Brainy Pint Sizer

I’m on a quest to try two to three “farm to table” restaurants outside of New York City — those that can be found a train-ride away (suburban railroad or Amtrak) in neighboring counties of New York City all the way the Maine.  Of course, as a non-meat eater, I’m interested in farms that offer a nice assortment of seafood (beyond just salmon) and vegetables (I love mushrooms!).

Okay, let’s talk foraging.  In places classified as “Third World” countries, the word “foraging” isn’t uttered.  You eat what you kill.  You eat what you grow.  You eat what you find that isn’t poisonous on a plot of land, whether you own it or not, and eat it raw or make a meal out of it.  I’m curious about this “foraging” thing American-style.  If the farm to table chef forages, I’m ready to tag along, rasta tam and all!

So, calling all my “foodie” blog readers:  Any suggestions along the northeast rail lines?

Here are the must haves on my wish list:

  • Places where the cost of a complete meal (say, dinner) is in the range of $35 – $45 (yes, I’m looking for “affordable” because I’d like to share with others that you do not need to mortgage your house, like you do in places like New York, to have this experience);
  • Places that have lodging on site (or nearby);
  • Places that will welcome a guest/diner to be a “fly on the wall” in the kitchen and where their chefs are personable (I intend to take a lot of photographs and share my blog posts far and wide);

“Farm to table” proprietors are also welcomed to share their websites (I suggest that if you share your sites, your customer ratings will be positive….In 21st Century social media, a word to the wise: Be who you really are — not who you think you are…Think, MTV’s “Catfish”).

Signed A (Hungry) Brainy Pint Sizer


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