El Mercado: La Boqueria (Barcelona, Spain)

I have healthy doses of different passions.  What’s life without passion — any passion?

What are some of my passions?

Family:  Mi Familia es mi vida. (My family is my life.)  This includes my “blood” relatives and people who make my life so special that I couldn’t be without them and they have to be classified as family.  Hey, you know who you are!  You’re my “aunts”, “uncles”, “cousins”, “sisters”, “brothers”, “nieces” and “nephews”.  Look, your friends come and go, but family is forever.  Truth.

Travel, Travel and More Travel:  From a tiny island in the Caribbean to anywhere in the world (funds permitting), I’m there.  Boarding pass, please!  There’s a whole world to be explored.  Not everybody lives like you do, eats what you eat, believes what you believe.  Travel allows me to broaden my horizons.  It gets me out of my comfort zone.  It makes me happy.  But, I must admit, I don’t need to go global in order to be happy.  My “travels” within my own city sometimes yield amazing surprises.  I’ve lived in 3 countries, and as of 2013, I’ve put my feet on the soil of 28 international locations.  I have a list of 20 places yet to go on my “Bucket List” including the North Pole.  Yes, the North Pole.

La Fontana di Trevi, Roma, Italy

Food:  I like to cook.  I love to eat.  Although my diet has changed in recent years, whether I’m at home or exploring in another country, I’m ready for a plate.  I think food gives you insights into a culture — and food when made with love (and passion), marvelous!  Mmmmm…

Out for dinner in Paris…

Global Issues:  Anything that’s going on in the world from the significant (where it’s blowing up the cable news channels) to the not so well-known or “sexy” — you know, the ones that some of the celebs don’t touch or you’d never hear of them unless you happen to come across an obligatory post in a two-inch space buried in the International section of the paper?  I don’t need to know every minute detail, but if there’s an uprising in Nauru, I’d like to know about it.

Education:  There are only a few things in this life that no one can take away from you after you have earned it, and one of them is an education.  I’m not saying everybody needs to walk the hallowed halls of a university.  Having a degree versus not having a degree doesn’t make one more or less of a person.  But, when it comes to the education of children — every child should have access to an education.  They should be able to go to school — public, private, charter, I don’t care.  Similarly, at the other end of the spectrum, if you’re an adult and want to give yourself a boost through advanced learning, why not?

Photo Credit: | Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones.

Music, Dance — Basically, the Arts:  I wouldn’t be able to survive without music.  In the words of the one, the only Dick Clark, if it “has a good beat and you can dance to it”, you best believe, I’m on the dance floor.  I’m all over the place on the music dial:  Reggae (it’s in my blood), early Rock-and-Roll, as well as Pop, ‘old school’ Rap (mostly), R&B, and a light helping of 80s Hair Band Rock (in my Aqua Net days).

My musical favoritesBob Marley (A fan all my life! The. End.), The Rolling Stones (Same as Bob — Truly my first love of rock and roll — They are and forever will be the World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band, period), Queen (Farrokh Bulsara was a show-man!  Rest in peace, Freddie — with all the colors of the rainbow), Jimi Hendrix (Seriously, there is no question that he was the greatest rock guitarist who ever lived), Ricky Martin (Yes, I was a serious fan of Menudo in the 80’s and I’ve been a Ricky Martin fan for 25+ years, so he’s right up there with the others. This is not up for discussion; it just is.).

Photo Credit: Marley, the movie on | Jah, Rastafari.

Again, my musical interests are across the spectrum.  You can even throw some classical, Gospel and blues in there too.

I played an instrument when I was younger, and found myself in plays all through school.  I took almost 18 years of dance classes — ballet and modern dance.  The past couple of years, my on-and-off rage has been Zumba (dance masked as exercise).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now that you know a little bit more about me, my passions will definitely be exposed in my posts.  Supposedly, I’m true to my sign.



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