My Dream Car: The Mini

Vroom, Vroom: My Speedy Little Car … Someday

Okay, here’s the deal.  I am o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with the mini.  I loooove the mini.  Who doesn’t love the mini?  Who?  As the brainypintsizer, it’s the perfect car for a chica my size and height.  When you can barely reach the ceiling handle bars in a New York City subway or London Tube, you don’t need to be in the driver’s seat of something the size of an 18-wheeler.  It amazes me how many times I’m driving around and I see little women in sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and I think to myself, “Oh my God.  They can’t even see over the dashboard.”  I guess they want to be the biggest, baddest chick on the road.  Well, go on girl!  Go ahead with your bad self!

The “old school” mini minor is simply too cute and speedy for words.

Several years ago, the “new” mini was launched.  Okay, I admit, I actually like it too.  It’s still cute and speedy.  But there’s something about the toy car-looking shape and pop-off-looking wheels of the old school mini that brings out nostalgic feelings of the early ’70s to me.

(Sigh)  Old mini…new mini — they’re perfect.  I can totally picture myself “vroom vrooming” around.  Best of all, I’d be able to see over the steering wheel without the use of a pillow.

Hmmmm…now, all need to do is work on my uncle who is a not so much of “Car Collector” but a “Collector of Cars” to collect either one so that when I visit the Southern Branch of La Familia, I have my own little ride to zoom down the Indy 500 highways.  Sweet!

P.S.  On the days when I’d want to feel the wind on my face and be “open” on the open road, I’d also need to have one of the cutest vehicles I’ve ever seen — a Vespa.  (I’ve got my eye on a Vespa dealership.  It’s amazing how many colors they have — and you can get helmets to match!)

So many Vespas, so many colors…


4 thoughts on “My Dream Car: The Mini

  1. Seriously? Now this is getting crazy. I own a baby newish Mini convertible….LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Did I say LOVE? It. 🙂

    • Can you feel the envy…the jealousy…the sadness coming from my typed keys to your screen? When you’re the height (without my 5-inch heels, of course) of a small child, sure you can have the power of a Mack truck and feel…well…powerful, but I’d feel sooooo much more powerful in a mini — and I’d look bitchin’ in it too. I’d buy all mod clothes to match the car. I so want to feel that LOVE. *visions of shopping shopping sprees dance in my head*

    • Hi Ann! Thanks for visiting my blog! It’s great that you found me through SITSGirls and BBC. I have Vegas on my radar for BBC…I just need to check my schedule for work. Autumn is tough time for me, and I’d want to take about two days off to make it an extra long weekend. Yep, I definitely have Mini-Love! That’s such a beautiful little car. I love the original. 🙂 But, I’d settle for a new Mini. The thing is, having a car in NY is sometimes a waste. Having the largest public transportation system in the U.S., you can pretty much get around with little or no need to have a car. I know, we’re so spoiled — but I still want that car. One day. 🙂

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