On the quest for “farm to table” restaurants…


Farm to Table by the Brainy Pint Sizer

I’m on a quest to try two to three “farm to table” restaurants outside of New York City — those that can be found a train-ride away (suburban railroad or Amtrak) in neighboring counties of New York City all the way the Maine.  Of course, as a non-meat eater, I’m interested in farms that offer a nice assortment of seafood (beyond just salmon) and vegetables (I love mushrooms!).

Okay, let’s talk foraging.  In places classified as “Third World” countries, the word “foraging” isn’t uttered.  You eat what you kill.  You eat what you grow.  You eat what you find that isn’t poisonous on a plot of land, whether you own it or not, and eat it raw or make a meal out of it.  I’m curious about this “foraging” thing American-style.  If the farm to table chef forages, I’m ready to tag along, rasta tam and all!

So, calling all my “foodie” blog readers:  Any suggestions along the northeast rail lines?

Here are the must haves on my wish list:

  • Places where the cost of a complete meal (say, dinner) is in the range of $35 – $45 (yes, I’m looking for “affordable” because I’d like to share with others that you do not need to mortgage your house, like you do in places like New York, to have this experience);
  • Places that have lodging on site (or nearby);
  • Places that will welcome a guest/diner to be a “fly on the wall” in the kitchen and where their chefs are personable (I intend to take a lot of photographs and share my blog posts far and wide);

“Farm to table” proprietors are also welcomed to share their websites (I suggest that if you share your sites, your customer ratings will be positive….In 21st Century social media, a word to the wise: Be who you really are — not who you think you are…Think, MTV’s “Catfish”).

Signed A (Hungry) Brainy Pint Sizer


Life coming full circle or simply special things happening at the right time? (Part 2 of 2)

Within the last two weeks, two extraordinary things happened.  One was a completely unexpected re-connection I had with a friend after 30 years, thanks to Twitter (see, social media has its positives) and the other was meeting up with my “foodie” partner-in-crime, @SingleGalNYC, for dinner.

This is part 2 of a 2-part post.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was great to catch up with @SingleGalNYC over dinner and drinks.  But, I couldn’t help but I can’t deny some really unusual coincidences that took place in less than a week.

  1. We were in a restaurant that had the same name as my old elementary school and high school.  Hm?  If you followed my totally unexpected 30-year re-connection thanks to Twitter, between the initial viewing of the video to the time we sat at the table, only 5 days had transpired. Five days. The wheels began churning on a Monday and on Friday there we were seated in a restaurant with the name of both schools where my long-lost friend and I had spent our formative years.  Coincidence…?  It didn’t stop there.
  2. When I arrived at the restaurant, @SingleGalNYC was already waiting.  On the way to our seats, I realized I’d received an e-mail — “Strange,” I thought.  I hadn’t heard the usual alert when a new message dropped in my inbox. A quick look…it was another e-mail reply from my long-lost friend.  What are the chances that I’d get an e-mail from her at the same time we’re in this restaurant at this time?
    Completely unexpected.  But there’s more.
  3. Over a year ago, I met @SingleGalNYC and fellow RickyFans (shout out to my chicas y chicos!) in person after we had been following each other on Twitter.   We were all gearing up for evening on Broadway.  It was the first night of the previews of EVITA and Ricky Martin was cast in the role as “Che”. The restaurant where we met?  Havana Central — almost directly across the street from where we were seated.  And when I say “almost directly across the street”, I mean, we could hear the music of the drums from the live band coming through the windows.

Havana Central _ Marquis

This was too much.

One friend I “lost” 30 years ago re-appears in the same week one of my newest friends and I are seated in a restaurant with the same name of the schools my “old” friend and I attended and we just happened to be almost directly across the street from the restaurant where we met over a year ago.

Isn’t there a belief of some sort where life as we know it is pre-determined for us even when we don’t know it is, and that one thing truly leads to another to another to another?

If I hadn’t launched this blog after years of people encouraging me to “write” or “start a blog”, I wouldn’t have gotten to this point — at least not like this.  I launched the blog, my BFF’s husband suggested I join Twitter — I did — a year an a half ago, I then “met” @SingleGalNYC which then led to an in-person meeting, I then discovered someone on Twitter who was an alumnae of my old high school, she tweets about a video — which I just happen to see at the right time, I view the video, and there she is, my long-lost friend who I hadn’t seen in 30 years!  And here we were, @SingleGalNYC and I, seated in a restaurant across from the one where we’d met over a year ago.


Believe.  Never give up hope. Have a little faith. Things happen — good things happen — when you least expect them to happen.

What do you think? Was all this pre-destined?