Life coming full circle or simply special things happening at the right time? (Part 1 of 2)

Something remarkable happened exactly 12 days ago — it was one of these “I cannot believe this” moments.  And in the midst of the last 12 days, something else happened.  (Stay tuned…)

This is part 1 of a 2-part post.

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Thirty years ago, The West Indian Mother and I arrived in New York.  3-0 years. While looking through the window of the airplane as we came in to land, it hit me that we weren’t going back, at least not for a while, and I’d have to find a way to make this country my home.  It was The Mother’s decision for us to leave our lives behind so that we would have a better life — so that I, a girl, would have much better educational, and ultimately, professional opportunities later in life. But, as I sit here, I can tell those of you who are not immigrants and think it’s easy move to another country….It isn’t.  Not for an adult. Not for a child, especially if the child is of an age where they clearly have tight bonds to family and friends.  Although it was tough to leave all I knew behind, a part of me was excited to “go to America” where it was a fantasy and where rumor had it, the streets were paved in gold. (Not kidding.)  I left sunshine, crystal clear, blue water and fine grained sand for a country where they had winter and beaches that could never, ever in their wildest dreams compare.  I also left high school. So, I was no baby.

For years, I wondered what happened to so many of my peers who I’d attended elementary school with, and in some cases, high school.  But there was a small group I really missed.  In that group was someone I’d known from my first day until we graduated.  We even ended up attending the same high school.  I never forgot about her and her kindness, and the fact that we really had a lot in common.  I also remembered how talented she was with arts and crafts.  For 30 years, I wondered.  When The Mother and I left the islands, I didn’t return until 5 years later when a horrific accident took the life of one of my cousins.  At that time of the visit, I was in no position to track her down. I never returned again until 2 years later but I was not in a position to find her then either.  The next time I returned was 19 years later, and locating her was not in the cards.  Time was not on my side.

I thought I would never, ever see her again.

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I joined Twitter about a year and a half ago after launching this blog.  At this time, I thought it would be a complete nuisance and meaningless.  Almost 25,000 tweets later and a handful of Twitter followers (methinks I tweet too much?), it’s my social media addiction.  It’s where I get much of my news, share information about my “foodie” adventures, my angst in my job search and my bursts of sarcasm and rage about the behavior of the executives I work with.  But I also share lighthearted, socially-conscious tidbits and information related to marketing, social media, PR and advertising.  Yep, I’m all over the place but I stay true to exactly what I just said. (Follow me on Twitter if you dare…read my tweets carefully before you press that button. Fair warning.)

So, I happen to follow someone on Twitter who I don’t know personally but attended my old “island-life” high school.  Just by chance, 12 days ago, I saw a tweet that included a link to a video featuring alumnae (I attended an all girls high school).  I clicked on the link.

Complete. Shock.

There she was 30 years later. 30 years after saying goodbye and having my uniform signed by my friends, wishing me “good luck” and “we’ll miss yous”.  After all this time, even with her hair a different color, and of course, both of us 30 years older, she had the same smile, the same features, the same low-key mannerisms.

That was 12 days ago.

Ten days ago, we finally, with the help of the producers of the video at the high school, were in contact by e-mail. Within the past 10 days, we had our first conversation.


Now, we’re getting to know each other again. It’s been a long time. Much has happened. So much has happened.

I still can’t believe this.  Seriously, it makes me teary-eyed, especially since I now know how well she’s done.

That makes me even happier.


News Flash: is a year old today! (but blogging has not been easy)

Dear blog readers,

After 12 months and 106 blog posts (including this one), here we are.  It hasn’t been easy.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I don’t get it.  I haven’t figured out what to write about to attract people to my ramblings.  Still no niche, and guess what?  There won’t be one.  I don’t know if that would be — ever, but for now, until I find what seems to attract the most attention, I’ll keep writing (when I can) and snapping photos.


Wherever you are in the world, if you’re one of my WordPress followers, or perhaps you just wandered (or was tricked?) into this space, I raise a cocktail to you (and for all you non-drinkers, an orange and cranberry mix with flavored or unflavored seltzer).


You may not all be around if I happen to exist another year from now, but on this day, for these 24 hours, I’m all ferclempt in a Linda Richmond from “Saturday Night Live” sort of way for all my scheduled e-mail recipient blog readers.  Now, jump around on my lil’ blog and introduce yourself to each other and make new friends and new followers. Go ahead. Click on the avatars of those who have “liked” my posts, and if they’ve got a blog, take a look.

Bloggers supporting other bloggers.

Happy Birthday, and thank you all.

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P.S.  I’ll also be celebrating a Twitter birthday soon too.  Yes, obviously, I’m a glutton for punishment.  smh.  Being on Twitter has been interesting.  I like it (sometimes), but it doesn’t like me (obviously).  I’ve tweeted 12,000+ times and can barely hang on to about 100 followers.  It is funny when you think of it.  But, I’m staying true to BPS, I’m tweeting about things that go along with what I’m all about — and there are a lot of things (see below).

Oh well… *tweets again*

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