Restaurant Weeks

Sometimes I eat.

Sometimes I eat a lot.  (This is the reason why I go to the gym and exercise… *side eye*)

Sometimes I eat with friends.

Sometimes I eat with family.

Sometimes I eat with power brokers.

Sometimes I eat with gentleman friends.

Sometimes I eat with strangers who are doing big things with their lives, are Type A, have a great blend of street smarts and book smarts and are not afraid to wear clothing with “give” and elastic waistbands.

(I’ll still keep my one pair of “skinny jeans” though…smh.)

Oh, and…

Sometimes I drink cocktails.

Sometimes I drink Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, specifically.  (*straight face*)


Special Note:  Although many a photo exist of meals at eating and drinking establishments, not all were consumed by the Brainy Pint Sizer.  (C’mon, people.  You know I’m not that hungry!)


One thought on “Restaurant Weeks

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