Upper West Side | Calle Ocho (Latin)

Restaurant Week 2012 (not) | Calle Ocho … Saturday, August 4, 2012

Special Note: I had to add commentary to this post, which I didn’t do for the others, because I made an exception to my Summer Restaurant Week exploration.

Including commentary does not mean there isn’t love for the others I patronized, so don’t think there’s favoritism at play here.  Also, tonight was a special night.  I finally met one of my tweeps (Twitter peeps), @RosesDaughter — yes, for the first time!  She wanted “Spanish/Latin” food, and so, this was my surprise to her.

Since this was a Saturday night visit, and therefore, couldn’t qualify for their “Summer Restaurant Week” menu, I can’t claim it within my #NYCRW exploration.  But, trust me.  There’s no way I could eat from the Restaurant Menu on this night.  Mira, have you seen their menu?  No?  Okay, see…that’s the first problem.  The second…you’re not in a cab (or on the next flight) and getting your caliente self there.

(Calle, don’t disappoint me…make sure the kitchen staff keeps their ‘game face’ on.)

P.S.  My Hot-lanta Mama @RosesDaughter loved the food.  She said the Cuban Skirt Steak was so tender.  (Spread the word, girl.)


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