Larchmont, NY (Westchester County): Turquoise (Turkish + Mediterranean)

Turquoise | Fall 2012

You feel a bit transported as you enter the unassuming glass doors, but greeting you are the painted ceilings, the Turkish decor, the slightly dimmed lighting.  But you come here for one thing: The food, which is delicious, including the freshly made pita bread.

My partner in foodie crime on this night was @KiBoogies.  We devoured the meal of small bites (we ordered from the appetizer menu) while seated in the small but cushioned seating area to the right of the entrance close to the bar.  We thought:  ‘This will work just fine’, after all, it was more along the lines of what we were seeking — a place where we could ‘chill’ over good food and wine and not seated at a conventional table.  The Taku New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc was peachy, fruity and complimented the palate.

Let’s talk about the humus…Yes. Let’s.  It was smooth.  It was light, which makes me believe that the olive oil was a step above “average”.  It was also creamy — not gritty — apparently freshly made.  You definitely tasted the difference from something you’d pick up in your local supermarket.  Yes, I could have asked for more, but then I would not have had room to inhale the other items presented to us.

I’m a sucker for really well-cooked and seasoned Grilled Octopus and Turquoise does not disappoint!  *licks lips*  Succulent.  Soft.  With oodles of garlic.  (Yes, I love garlic, as you may have noticed in some of my foodie posts both on this blog and on Twitter.)

And then we got this…Ezme…Mmmmmm…finely chopped fresh tomatoes, onions, parsley and walnuts…

I’m not an olives person but, of course, they have that too.  It wouldn’t be Mediterranean without olives, would it?

Cost:  Exactly as I would expect.  I’ve been to a number of Turkish restaurants in my day and for most, they can be pricey, but not Turquoise.  I would not characterize this restaurant as “expensive” — certainly not for Westchester or specifically in a pricey suburban enclave.

Overall Feedback:  I must return.  If not for the grilled octopus, for the humus, and if not for the humus, to sample their fish dishes, which we had to pass on since we were both full.


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