Las Vegas, NV: STK Steakhouse (American)

STK Steakhouse at the Cosmopolitan (Las Vegas) | Spring 2013


The Setting:  A private dining room at STK’s Vegas outpost.  It’s dark. It’s sexy. It’s padded?  Oh, my.

Thankfully, we were secluded behind blacked out glass doors away from wanna-be’s (i.e. models, actresses, promoters, et. al.).  We, I and several others, would be treated to a wonderful evening.  I was pleasantly surprised by the attentiveness of the energetic wait staff, and an impressive standout on their menu

Let’s get right to it.

We had whatever we desired.  Our hosts allowed us to select from the regular dinner menu not a pre-planned, chef special.  This would work in my favor as there were several items I wanted to try.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I don’t know what bread this was, but “Wow!” is all I can say.  Baked in a cast iron skillet, you pull apart each puffed piece and sink your teeth into nothing but a warm, soft, cheese-flavored bit of goodness.  That sauce you see — chives sauce, I believe — was addictive.  Just picture dipping the bread into it… *closes eyes*

STK Steakhouse Las Vegas - Bread

My first appetizer was the tuna tartare with corn tuille, pecans and avocado.  Chopped perfectly.  Fresh.  Good. Nothing earth-shattering.  If you go to any reputable Japanese restaurant where sushi is a highlight, you could have very much the same.

STK Steakhouse Las Vegas - Tuna Tartare

My next item was without a doubt — outstanding.  The item: King crab wrapped in thinly sliced melon accompanied with organic mache, melon squares and avocado.  Absolutely superb.  Light.  Fresh.  Packed with healthy portions of crab, which thankfully, was void of any seasonings that would overpower the flavor.  Incredibly impressive.

IMG_1999 IMG_2001

For my entrée, I opted for an item that any kitchen should be able to master — seared tuna.  STK’s version: Seared big eye tuna with wasabi potato, maitake and sweet miso jus.  I requested the tuna be cooked medium, rare and they delivered just that.  However, the dish was cold.  This was unexpected.  I figured warm, maybe, but definitely not cold.  Although tasty, the temperature of the food was a disappointment.

STK Steakhouse Las Vegas - Seared Tuna

The last item, dessert, I skipped.  However, my dinner neighbor decided this could not be missed:  Bread pudding with English toffee, salted caramel and Captain Crunch — I kid you not — Captain Crunch, as in the cereal.


My overall impression as a foodie (who doesn’t eat meat but will indulge in seafood, plant life and vegetables of all kinds):  STK Steakhouse was not what I expected.  My assumption was it would be nothing but an over-hyped restaurant resting on its bravado of being a “celeb hangout” (their claims, not mine).

Would I return?  Perhaps.  Definitely if someone was paying.  It was too noisy for my taste in the main dining room, and too many posers and people desperately trying to be “cool”.

Side note:  Unless I was missing something, for a restaurant its size, having one bathroom each for male and female patrons was a bit ridiculous. Ladies are used to standing in line for the facilities but seriously?  Of course, I had no pity for the males who whined at having to stand in line.  Oh, please. Suck it up and deal.  We’ve been suffering through wait lines since birth.


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