Las Vegas, NV: Julian Serrano (Spanish/Tapas)

Julian Serrano at the Aria (Las Vegas) | Spring 2013


As you enter the large and expansive lobby of the Aria resort hotel, the floor to ceiling, glass facade streams in natural light from almost all angles, and once your eyes move from the gigantic and colorful butterflies suspended from the ceiling, you can’t help but see two restaurants ahead of you — Bar Masa and Julian Serrano.

We’ll focus on Julian Serrano in this post.  (P.S. I tried to have lunch at Bar Masa, but they weren’t open for lunch. Hm, oh, okay.  A quick walk to its lobby neighbor and I wasn’t disappointed.)

I would hang with my ladies for the afternoon. We were hungry but didn’t feel for overblown meals.  Tapas would hit just the right tone for a long and lazy chit-chat over lunch.

I wish I could have captured the flavor in the photographs.  Yes, they tasted as good as they looked.

Seared scallop with romesco sauce


Mixed seafood ceviche with shrimp, white fish, octopus, cilantro and lime juice


Pintxo de chorizos – mini Spanish pork chorizo with garlic mashed potatoes and garlic sauce


Fresh calamari a la plancha with lemon parsley and extra virgin olive oil and caramelized onions


Creamy risotto with wild mushroom and aged Manchego cheese


Pan tomate – toasted bread with fresh garlic tomato sauce


Buñuelos – Spanish doughnuts with butterscotch caramel


Churros – fried spanish pastries with spicy hot chocolate



Special Note:  The Spanish lessons piped through the speakers in the bathroom…surprising.  Actually, strangely, I listened.  At least I caught, “La cuenta, por favor.”  (Translation: The bill, please.)


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