Las Vegas, NV: Sensi (Fusion: Asian, Italian, American)

Sensi at the Bellagio (Las Vegas) | Spring 2013

Once you’ve been treated to the private dining room experience at Sensi at the Bellagio, can you really dine any other way at Sensi again?  Seriously, can you?  I think not.

Another night out in Las Vegas, and a treat by yet another wonderful host.  This time, Sensi — a contemporary, open-kitchen, glass-adorned establishment in this massive, columned, marbled Vegas MGM hotel.

The only thing that topped the setting was the food.

My cocktail of choice for the evening…(I had two) was their namesake.  Sweet — and potent.  When it was first brought to me (by our personal butler), I had a moment of panic.  I thought: Oh my, God, is that salt on the rim???  (I detest salt on the rim.)  But a sigh of relief when I realized it was brown sugar.  *sips, sips, sips*

Note: I didn’t expect to choose my cocktail from a restaurant-provided iPad, but when in Rome…(or Sensi)…


To start: Soft, freshly baked naan.  Both dipping sauces were lovely, but whatever was in the sweet and sour, chutney-like, tomato-based (?) sauce, was addictive.

IMG_2019 IMG_2020


My appetizer:  A TLC roll – tempura lobster and crab, whipped avocado with chili aioli.  I wanted more of this.  The crunch of the tempura and the roll bursting with lobster  and crab (and not that imitation crap, yuck) — yes, I wanted more. It needed no soy sauce.  No pickled ginger.  Just eat as given.  Delicious.


There was a fresh salad of greens…


This soup — Thai coconut soup with asian mushrooms, tapioca, kaffir lime, lemongrass served in young coconut was bananas.  It was rich.  It was creamy.  It was filled with obvious surprises — “obvious surprises?” you say — yes. I mean, I knew there were mushrooms.  I knew there was tapioca.  I knew there was lemongrass.  But, oh, my — pop, pop, pop…with each slurp from the spoon, eek, what’s that?  A mushroom.  The pungent flavor of lemongrass.  A tapioca ball of chewy, goodness.  Again, I wanted more.


My table neighbor decided on the Tandoori butter chicken – curry, organic chicken. basmati rice, raita.  I was told the chicken was “tender”.


My entrée:  Miso glazed Skuna Bay Salmon – salmon, baby mizuna. shiitake, mushrooms, soy ginger butter.  I had no idea where Skuna Bay was, but thankfully, my friend @Donnasonrisas enlightened me.  (Follow @SkunaBay on Twitter | Website)…Their salmon is wonderful…(I need to learn more about their cultivation practices) and the chef did a wonderful job keeping it moist and flaky.


Another table mate had this…don’t ask me what it is, the non-meat-eater, but it’s some kind of steak, and it was also a hit according to the commentary.


This was a side:  Creamed spinach with chicken cracklings.  Okay, well, I had the spinach and simply lifted the cracklings off the dish.  Very creamy.


To bring everything to a close:  A tower, and I mean, a TOWER, of desserts.  I’ll give you a ‘taste’ of some of what was offered.  See below.  Yes, I know, you’re dying inside right now — and drooling.  And can I blame you?  No.  It was a pity I couldn’t indulge fully.  By the time the tower arrived, I was bursting.  To say I was uncomfortable…Oh, God, yes.  Sigh…It was a long walk back to my hotel.

I leave you with this:  I have to go back — and if I could, it would be like, tomorrow. Oh, and to reiterate: The clear (for other patrons to see), glass, enclosed private dining room experience can make a girl get used to such treatment over and over again.  Absolutely.

IMG_2054 IMG_2056 IMG_2057 IMG_2058


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