Las Vegas, NV: Bacchanal Buffet (Multiple Cuisines)

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace (Las Vegas) | Spring 2013


This $17 million, shiny, modernly-designed, colossal eatery is astounding.  The multi-station offerings with a dizzying array of choices makes it difficult to choose where to begin.  Almost everything you could want is available.  There are over 150 types of desserts alone.  For less than $50.00, you are spoiled with an all-you-can-eat food fest.  Truly, American indulgence to the second or third power.

There are buffets and then there is the Bacchanal Buffet.  It was in a league of its own.

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IMG_2070 IMG_2071 IMG_2072 IMG_2085 IMG_2086


IMG_2087 IMG_2088







IMG_2096 IMG_2097 IMG_2112 IMG_2115

IMG_00000157 IMG_00000164 IMG_00000166

IMG_2124 IMG_2128



IMG_00000159 IMG_00000162

IMG_2106 IMG_2113

IMG_2133 IMG_2135 IMG_2137 IMG_2139

IMG_00000138 IMG_00000139

IMG_2142 IMG_2149

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