Foodie Adventures | NYC

According to the New York City Department of Health & Hygiene, there are 24,000 restaurants in the City of New York.  Hmmmm…seems like a small amount.  I mean, with all the sit down, stand around, street food options, surely there are more, right?  Oh, well, who am I to argue (or ask the DOH to hand over their records)?

I’m a bit of a ‘foodie’.  I love the city for this very reason.  And when I say ‘the city’, I mean the entire city–not just the island of Manhattan.  There are actually four other boroughs that make this place a food-lovers’ paradise rich with cultures — and flavors — from all parts of the globe.

So, no matter the utensil — and I’m not choosy — I’m ready for an adventure.

Here I go!


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