Greenwich Village: Chez Jacqueline (French/Provençale)

Chez Jacqueline | Spring 2013

With my ‘foodie’ partner in crime: @SingleGalNYC

Several weeks ago, @SingleGalNYC and I had an unplanned dinner at French bistro, Saju, in the Theater District near Times Square.  This time, with no hiccups, we ventured to Chez Jacqueline in the Village to dine on cuisine reminiscent of the French region of Provence.

About the Restaurant:  Chez Jacqueline can be described as “cozy”.  There is a small bar area and small tables (although somehow they manage to fit a communal, rectangular table in the middle of the room) adorned with candlelit mason jars. The menu  isn’t overwhelming.  There’s enough to make a choice, and they offer specials.  On the night we visited, they offered grilled striped bass (which I ordered and requested to be de-boned) and seafood risotto.  As for the staff — friendly and attentive.  They moved around the room with purpose checking on patrons, refilling water and wine glasses.

What about cost?  It was in line with any other restaurant of its caliber.  There were no alarming dollar signs.  Thanks to @SingleGalNYC, who came armed with a Groupon, we walked in and out knowing we were more than satisfied (actually, bursting) at a fraction of the price.

And the all important, menu@SingleGalNYC choices were mussels as an appetizer, Papardelle Bolognese as a main course and creme brulee for dessert.  My appetizer was escargot, grilled striped bass as the entree, and for dessert, a warm caramelized apple tart with vanilla ice cream.  My foodie partner-in-crime absolutely enjoyed her choices.  I, however, had one disappointment: The escargot.  Now, let me be clear, it did not taste badly.  However, in all my years of having escargot, I had never received it without it being in the classic, buttery, garlicky sauce.  This was different — very different — with tomatoes and asparagus.  Anyone well-versed in Provençale cuisine?  I need someone who is familiar with the region to enlighten me.  I was just a little bit crushed. I had my heart set and it felt like a balloon had popped.  Other than that, the striped bass and dessert were tasty and filling.

To return or not to return?  If I was ever in the area, I’d return. It was warm and welcoming.  The food was done well, not “oh my, God” outstanding, but still done well.  I would skip the escargot, but having had the opportunity to taste @SingleGalNYC’s mussels, that is a must-have for the next visit.

Note:  The first two photographs are a bit over-exposed.

IMG_2168 IMG_2173 IMG_2178 IMG_2179 IMG_2180 IMG_2181


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