Upper East Side: Fishtail by David Burke (Seafood)

Fishtail by David Burke | Fall 2012

Partner in Crime (Again): @SingleGalNYC

Let’s just get to the what you all want to know…

Overall Experience:  It is obvious once you find the host/hostess (and by “find” I mean, if you haven’t been here before — like I’d never been — when you walk in, the host/hostess desk is not at the entrance.  No, actually, you need to walk through the bar/small dining area to the table, but we won’t harp on that…) that the staff at Fishtail by David Burke have been trained.  They were attentive.  Everyone who touched our table in any way, including the gentlemen removing our dishes, could not have been more pleasant. We were seated upstairs, sharp left at the top of the stairs, straight shot to a back dining room were were tucked at the second table.  Actually, the dining room wasn’t an ordinary room.  I think it was originally a pahhh-lor dahhh-lings complete with a fireplace.  Fishtail is a converted townhouse.  I could envision myself living there very easily.  There was a lot of character as you looked around.

Sidebar:  We were seated promptly, and escorted upstairs by a tall, meaty (and I say this in the nicest way), chocolate man. *blink*  Um. Hm. *fans self*

(Make no mistake.  My foodie reviews are substantive, but I’m still breathing soooo, I’m going to write with feelings. All feelings.)

My First Cocktail: “Tequila Mockingbird”…Oh so pretty.  But, I’m an island girl, so I could have sucked that thing down in 5 minutes.  Since I was raised to be a lady, I brought it to a close in 15.  Mmmmm…very yummy.  Cheers to the bartender.

Cocktail: Tequila Mockingbird (at Fishtail by David Burke)

Our first course…A Sushi Platter for two. Only a few pieces of fish and a California roll — something I hadn’t had in forever since I don’t consider it “sushi”.  There’s something about imitation crab meat that doesn’t sit well with me.  Give me the real thing or don’t give me the thing at all.  Anyway, considering this was not our appetizer, there was no need to complain, especially since it was the best tasting California roll I’d had since whenever.

Sidebar:  Since we took advantage of a @LivingSocial deal, a menu was presented to us that started us on our taste adventure with the sushi platter (which was small, but the fish was very fresh.  Yes, that cubed tuna melted in my mouth). We each would be able to order an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert item.

Sushi Platter (at Fishtail by David Burke)

Our Appetizers:  Me…Shrimp Ceviche …My foodie pah-dna (said in a cowboy voice) Iceberg Wedge.

Shrimp Ceviche (at Fishtail by David Burke)

Iceberg Wedge (at Fishtail by David Burke)

Entrees:  Fishtail did not disappoint. There was a lot to choose from.

Make no mistake, we made sure all the work done by the prep staff and chefs in the kitchen were not done in vain.  I had the Branzino…filleted and cooked perfectly.  I appreciated the slightly crispy skin and the flaky, meaty (there’s that word again…remember Mr. Chocolate from above?…) texture on the inside.  I didn’t care for the greens.  Somehow I felt it missed the mark badly — and I couldn’t chew it to save my life.  Was it spinach?  I don’t know, but whatever it was, I was done after two bites.  Thankfully, my only unfortunate part of the evening. @SingleGalNYC had hanger steak.  I’m not a meat eater…but she enjoyed it very much, so she said.  Hope the pic below does it justice for all you steak-lovin’ fans.

Branzino (at Fishtail by David Burke)

Meat (at Fishtail by David Burke)

My Second Cocktail:  Almost forgot…*eye raise*…Sooooo, by the time our entrees hit the table, I’d jumped to cocktail number two.  Actually, it’s more we not just I.  This time, we decided to have the same drink —  a “Strawberry Basil Mojito“.  This was a hit!  *does the Electric Slide*  The fact that it was a tall glass and gave me a lot more sips than my first drink was like winning the lottery.  Little drinks just make no sense to me.  Yes, this was more my speed.

Strawberry Basil Mojito (at Fishtail by David Burke)

Dessert:  We couldn’t leave without dessert.  It would not have been right.  Seriously.  I had the Panna Cotta.  My fellow foodie had what she would probably describe as a sweet marriage of deliciousness:  Banoffee Pie — that’s banana and toffee, boys and girls.

But, let’s talk about the panna cotta.  Yes, let’s, because it is absolutely necessary.  What a smooth and delectable piece of heaven that was.  *thinks back to licking the spoon*  The fruit on the top — Mmmmm, and then using that demitasse spoon — BTW, I have a thing about demitasse spoons — oh, where was I?  Oh, yes.  Using the spoon and plunging it into the creamy white-ish goodness in the cutest glass holder.  Oh yeah, and the cookies (there were three of them) were light, crunchy, and they too melted in your mouth.  *bops head to sweet music in my head*

Sidebar:  The presentation of this panna cotta dish was simple, as you can see, but it worked.  It just worked.  It was so nicely done, it was a feast for the eyes before you even had your first taste.

Panna Cotta (at Fishtail by David Burke)

Will I go back — even without a Living Social deal in hand?  Yes!  Now, book a table.


5 thoughts on “Upper East Side: Fishtail by David Burke (Seafood)

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  2. A simply sublime description of a most heavenly meal! You are the ultimate foodie, my friend, and I’m so happy and lucky to be your partner in some of your culinary adventures. Happy Happy first blogoversary, and here’s to many more (and many more delicious meals together)!! 🙂

    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Yes, I made it. And there are a lot of people, you included, who have been my main supporters. Couldn’t have made it to 12 months without your advice and words of wisdom. I love new food experiences, don’t I? Haha! And I love those who love new food experiences too! Our culinary adventures are great, but it’s nice just to have a new friend. Thanks, chica. 🙂

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