Life coming full circle or simply special things happening at the right time? (Part 2 of 2)

Within the last two weeks, two extraordinary things happened.  One was a completely unexpected re-connection I had with a friend after 30 years, thanks to Twitter (see, social media has its positives) and the other was meeting up with my “foodie” partner-in-crime, @SingleGalNYC, for dinner.

This is part 2 of a 2-part post.

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It was great to catch up with @SingleGalNYC over dinner and drinks.  But, I couldn’t help but I can’t deny some really unusual coincidences that took place in less than a week.

  1. We were in a restaurant that had the same name as my old elementary school and high school.  Hm?  If you followed my totally unexpected 30-year re-connection thanks to Twitter, between the initial viewing of the video to the time we sat at the table, only 5 days had transpired. Five days. The wheels began churning on a Monday and on Friday there we were seated in a restaurant with the name of both schools where my long-lost friend and I had spent our formative years.  Coincidence…?  It didn’t stop there.
  2. When I arrived at the restaurant, @SingleGalNYC was already waiting.  On the way to our seats, I realized I’d received an e-mail — “Strange,” I thought.  I hadn’t heard the usual alert when a new message dropped in my inbox. A quick look…it was another e-mail reply from my long-lost friend.  What are the chances that I’d get an e-mail from her at the same time we’re in this restaurant at this time?
    Completely unexpected.  But there’s more.
  3. Over a year ago, I met @SingleGalNYC and fellow RickyFans (shout out to my chicas y chicos!) in person after we had been following each other on Twitter.   We were all gearing up for evening on Broadway.  It was the first night of the previews of EVITA and Ricky Martin was cast in the role as “Che”. The restaurant where we met?  Havana Central — almost directly across the street from where we were seated.  And when I say “almost directly across the street”, I mean, we could hear the music of the drums from the live band coming through the windows.

Havana Central _ Marquis

This was too much.

One friend I “lost” 30 years ago re-appears in the same week one of my newest friends and I are seated in a restaurant with the same name of the schools my “old” friend and I attended and we just happened to be almost directly across the street from the restaurant where we met over a year ago.

Isn’t there a belief of some sort where life as we know it is pre-determined for us even when we don’t know it is, and that one thing truly leads to another to another to another?

If I hadn’t launched this blog after years of people encouraging me to “write” or “start a blog”, I wouldn’t have gotten to this point — at least not like this.  I launched the blog, my BFF’s husband suggested I join Twitter — I did — a year an a half ago, I then “met” @SingleGalNYC which then led to an in-person meeting, I then discovered someone on Twitter who was an alumnae of my old high school, she tweets about a video — which I just happen to see at the right time, I view the video, and there she is, my long-lost friend who I hadn’t seen in 30 years!  And here we were, @SingleGalNYC and I, seated in a restaurant across from the one where we’d met over a year ago.


Believe.  Never give up hope. Have a little faith. Things happen — good things happen — when you least expect them to happen.

What do you think? Was all this pre-destined?


Mostly Pics: EVITA on Broadway – The Finale | All good things must come to an end.

EVITA Cast - Orchestra Gratitude

Remember this?  Well, less than a year later EVITA fans and Ricky Martin fans would be seated in the Marquis Theatre in Times Square for the last time to see a talented cast with amazing choreography and timeless songs.

I’m not a Broadway fanatic, but I’ve seen a few shows in the last 3 years that have been impressive.  I almost wish I’d treated myself to some of the more famous ones that are now long gone.  But, if you’re a true resident of New York, you almost never go to Broadway plays.  The reason is simple: It’s expensive.  The popular shows can easily be hundreds of dollars for the average family, like a family of four.  For example, last spring, The Sequel visited New York and I played tourist guide.  We splurged on an evening performance of The Lion King and it was over $500.00 for the four of the them!  (Add another $150.00 for me, and you can see why this makes you decide against patronizing The Great White Way.)  I don’t know about you, but the average citizen doesn’t have that kind of money to spend sitting through a 2-hour play when a meal isn’t part of the equation.  No, they don’t feed you.  You pay for everything.  A night out on Broadway for dinner and a show can run a person $200.00, if they’re not careful.

When it was finally announced that EVITA would close after the departure of the three lead characters (originally, it was announced that there would be a new lead cast) Elena Roger (“Eva Peron”), Michael Cerveris (“Juan Peron”) and Ricky Martin (“Che”), it surprised many covering the Broadway community and fans of Broadway.

So, here we were watching it for the last time.  When the cast took their final bows, and for about 10 minutes we were treated to heartfelt “thank yous” from Michael Cerveris (in English) and Elena Roger and Ricky Martin (in English and Spanish), we knew we’d been able to be a part of something special.

Once the stage was dark, all that remained was a lone light.

Adios, EVITA.  Muchas gracias por una experiencia increíble!

Ricky Martin - EVITA Finale 1

Michael Cerveris, Elena Roger - EVITA Finale

Elena Roger Speaks, Michael Cerveris and Ricky Martin look on - EVITA Finale

Elena Roger gets emotional - EVITA Finale

Max von Essen - EVITA Finale

Rachel Potter, Other members of the Case - EVITA Finale

The Stage Goes Dark - EVITA Finale

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